Wrestling Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Fighting for his Next Title Fight in Brazil

NeuroForce1 training the champion for his upcoming UFC title defense vs. Jose Aldo in May

(February 24, 2020 – Scottsdale, AZ) – Despite major surgery on an injured shoulder last year, Wrestler Henry Cejudo is preparing for his next UFC championship fight against Jose Aldo in Brazil in May.

Remarkable since Henry came off of a title fight win in the bantamweight division against Marlon Moreas in Chicago last year. Not only did he injure his shoulder but Henry also suffered a badly sprained ankle before the fight that ended with stitches over both eyes and on his knees. Henry also suffered baseball-sized lumps in his legs from his kicks. But that didn’t stop him.

“Henry’s on track to make this his best camp yet,” said Andre Hicks, NeuroForce1 (NF1) Director of Human Performance (Henry’s Strength and Conditioning Coach). “Most athletes coming off a major surgery take months, sometimes years to train as they used to but you just can’t stop this guy! He makes adaptations quicker than anyone I’ve ever seen. We’re in the second week into his fight camp and he’s performing just as well as he ever has, at times even better!” 

Henry already had a flyweight belt and now he has the bantamweight belt, making him the 7th person in UFC history to hold two division titles at the same time. NF1 has lead his camps, adding their sports science technology starting with his flyweight title against Mighty Mouse, Dimitrius Johnson, in L.A. whom he lost to previously making him the first athlete to get Olympic and UFC Gold. 

Henry has admiration for Dimitrius. “You’re fighting a dude who almost seems untouchable,” said Henry. “That makes you question yourself. This guy’s that good.”

Since then, Henry has gone on to a successful title defense against T.J Dillashaw and the Bantamweight belt.

“Henry is back and NF1 is honored to be a part of the champs return to defend his title in Brazil,” said Jesse Kevan, NeuroForce1 CEO. “Building off the foundation of previous camps, NF1 has added even more technology which will give us the insight needed for the most efficient and effective camp yet! Just like Henry, NF1 is taking Human Performance Science to the next level with this Triple C Champ Camp.”

“As I started to see my body change, I started to see the coaches adapt,” said Henry. “Science is at the center of this whole camp. I saw the change and I have never felt so recovered the night I fought Dimitrius Johnson.” 

“This is such a universal concept when it comes to strength and conditioning coaches,” said Podcast Host Joe Rogan, referring to the less is more approach. “People are doing too much. Your body doesn’t have a chance to recover even though you’re getting in better shape. Ultimately, you’re not getting in as good of shape as you could have gotten if you did less which is so counterintuitive for most people.”

This training approach is “cutting edge,” according to NF1 Head Coach Eric Albarracin. “The future is now. Everyone that enters their facility becomes a champion.”

“I feel honored and blessed to be able to work with someone like Henry,” said NF1 Chief Science Officer, Kevin Longoria. “He’s the hardest working guy out there.”

“I’ve beaten the greatest of all time and on top of that I can make the run for who’s the greatest comeback athlete of all time,” said Henry Cejudo. “I’m a two-sport world champion…Every competitor is looking for an advantage or the edge… NeuroForce1 is that edge.”


The Phoenix resident is a local hero! He was the youngest wrestler (at that time) to get the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics at age 21, the second youngest American wrestler to do so. Henry began training as an MMA fighter in 2013 and signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) the following year. In May 2016 Henry became a coach on the 24th season of The Ultimate Fighter TV show. Nicknamed “the messenger”, Henry Cejudo’s tag line is “fighting for a better world”. He uses his celebrity status to inspire young athletes, inner-city kids and troubled youth. In 2008, the Arizona Republic named Henry one of Arizona’s 10 most fascinating people.


Dubbed “The Evolution of Human Performance” NeuroForce1 (NF1) utilizes medical-grade diagnostic testing to provide an objective & data-driven approach to individualized program development by targeting sport-specific deficiencies measured during a baseline assessment.   NF1 emphasized the importance of assessing & reprogramming the nervous systems in conjunction with the physical body to truly achieve optimal human athletic performance, overall health & longevity. All programs are developed by trained Exercise Physiologists and medical professionals based on the latest medical research in the fields of health/wellness, strength & conditioning, nervous system function & periodization. 

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