PTSD Dogs, Security Dogs, and Obedience Training Desert Sky K9 Does it All!

“Personalized training” at Desert Sky K9.

  • Does your dog need a little socialization or obedience training?
  • Would you like a security dog?
  • Do you need a trained dog to help you with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD? 

MEDIA INTERVIEWS/VIDEO: Media is invited to take photos or videotape Desert Sky K9 Owner Mark Govoni training dogs. We can also show you one of these PTSD trained dogs, along with the owner, and explain how we train them.

Service Dogs Benefit PTSD and TBI Patients

Service dogs are being used more and more to help those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI.

PTSD and TBI service dogs can improve quality of life, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve overall health.

Desert Sky K9 PTSD and TBI training focus on helping patients with everyday needs. “Say if we have a wheelchair patient, the dog has to learn how to walk next to the wheelchair,” said Owner Gail Govoni.

“We teach a really good obedience to where they can take their dog anywhere and they’re not going to be jumping on people, barking, or be aggressive,” said Govoni. “They have to know how to sit under a table, pause under the table. They have to know all of their commands — sit, stay, come, down, heel, box and stay, where you put them in a place and they stay until you ask them to get up.”

PTSD and TBI service dogs can improve quality of life, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve overall health.

A 2009 survey put out by the United States military shows 82-percent of those with PTSD had fewer symptoms with a service dog. Another 40-percent reduced the amount of medication they took as a result of having one of these dogs.

These dogs can even be trained to give their master reminders on taking medication and doing daily chores plus wake them up if they sleep too much.

Alarms are Good, Guard Dogs are Better

Need an added layer of security in addition to alarms and cameras at your house? A security dog might be just the answer!

If trained properly, dogs are a great deterrent to burglars. Criminals like homes they can get in and out of easily. A dog, especially a bigger one, can be the first line of defense in making your home undesirable to thieves.

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds work best for this type of training, according to Govoni. “They have to have a very high drive to do this sort of protection thing.”

“You train the dog to attack,” added Govoni. “You give them a word. We do offer commands in English, German, French, Dutch and Czech. People think it’s pretty neat to have a dog with different commands.”

We can also explain how training a family protection dog is much different from training a K9 to work with a police officer.

Obedience Training

For years, it has been just the three of you-you, your partner, and dog. But times are changing with a baby on the way. How will your four-legged friend react? 

“Part of the training is socializing,” said Govoni. “We have our own dogs for that. We never use client dogs.”

Maybe you already have kids and are introducing a new dog to the family. A dog can have jealousy issues if they’re not the center of attention. Many times, a dog owner doesn’t know how to recognize negative behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors. Dogs do not know right from wrong. They must be taught. 

Desert Sky K9 specializes in stopping aggressive behavior with your family pet. They teach your dog acceptable behavior and what’s expected. 

You can have a happy household with your furry friend! 


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