Imagine Life Without Freedom – Being “a Piece of Property”

Guardianship Expert Sheds Light on Growing Issue

(May 8, 2018) – Guardianships and the Elderly, The Perfect Crime is already a big national hit! Book publishers are giving the book by Dr. Sam Sugar rave reviews. 

Dr. Sugar is also making appearances on national radio shows such as Sirius XM’s The David Webb Show. Webb is also a Fox News and Breitbart News contributor and columnist for The Hill newspaper.

What is all of the hype about? It’s about losing your rights as a U.S. citizen. What if that was stripped from you?

“Imagine for one moment, in a heartbeat, you lost the right to make your own decisions, you lost the right to use the money you’ve earned, you’ve lost your job, your home, your ability to vote, your ability to travel and even the ability to defend yourself — all in one second,” said Dr. Sam Sugar, author and a licensed physician and President of the Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG).

“How would you feel?”

This isn’t some nightmare but a terrifying reality for many aging, vulnerable, Americans who are victims of this “perfect crime” known as abusive guardianship. Once a court determines a person is incapacitated, many times, they lose their rights. A stranger called a guardian takes over claiming to protect the individual from “exploitation and abuse.” This form of involuntary guardianship, often occurring in assisted living and especially in memory care communities, can lead to disastrous consequences.

“When a guardianship is done correctly and morally, it is a great act of kindness for your fellow man but it doesn’t always work that way,” said Sugar.

“Judges in guardianship court can strip elderly or vulnerable individuals of nearly all or all of their constitutional rights, make them a piece of property…and allow a substitute decision-maker to take over their lives,” said Dr. Sugar.

These “wards” suffer forced isolation that’s excessively cruel since loved ones are forcibly kept from visiting. Isolation is a serious health risk that decreases longevity and quality of life. Victims can also suffer financial abuse.

“My book shines a light on a system in which lives are turned over to uncaring, very predatory individuals whose primary interest is not the well-being of the ward or the family but rather getting as much money into their own pockets as possible,” added Sugar.

For example, he said while judges focus on getting these types of cases off their docket, guardians charge excessive fees and lawyers are making big money through needless litigation. 

“Guardians can get away with it because they’re technically court officers appointed by a judge and shielded by the umbrella of judicial or partial judicial immunity, making them untouchable and unaccountable,” said Sugar. 

“The public needs to understand the threat this process poses particularly to wealthy people,” Sugar added. “But you don’t have to be wealthy to be victimized by a guardian.” Sugar explains that even poor people might have pensions, social security and investments that are attractive to guardians.   

To learn more about this type of growing abuse, Dr. Sugar is available for interviews. He can explain how the U.S. is stripping some of its citizens of their constitutional rights, talk about the consequences of isolation and how individuals and families are financially abused and what can be done to prevent it. 


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